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Henderson's two books (DVD)

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Product Description

Postage: Small Item
Author: Alexander Henderson
ISBN: 9780049672681
Year of publication: 2014

This fully text searchable DVD contains Alexander Henederson's two books

 Early Pioneer families of Victoria and Riverina: a genealogical and biographical record,  AND Henderson's Australian families: a genealogical and biographical record.


Early Pioneer families of Victoria and Riverina: a genealogical and biographical record families

Index of Families

 Armytage Family of Bagdad, Van Diemen's Land, and Ingleby, Vic.

Austin Family

Baird of Kangatong and Warrong

Baird of Mount Bute

Bakewell Family

Balfour of Melbourne, Vic. And Round Hill, New South Wales

Bayliss of Merton

Bedwell of Bellevue

Beggs of Eurambeen

Best of Concongella, Great Western

Beswicke of Mordialloc

Black of Glenormiston and Noorat

Black of Prospect Hill

Black of Tarwin Meadows

Boadle of Prospect Hill

Bree, Stapylton of Bewsall, Hamilton

Buchanan of Ardblair

Calder of Polkemmet

Cameron of Morgiana

Campbell of Gannawarra

Campbell of Glencoe

Carre Riddell (see Riddell)

Carty of Brisbane Hill

Champion de Crespigny (see de Crespigny)

Clowes of Woodside

Cole of West Cloven Hills

Cooke, Winter, of Murndal

Corney Family

Craig of Eddington

Crespigny (see de Crespigny)

Crooke of The Holey Plain

Crossley Family of Kenilworth and Ararat, Vic. And Riverina

Cumming Family of Stony Point, Terrinallum and Mount Fyans

Curdie of Tandarook

Dawson of Kangatong

de Crespigny, Champion

de Little of Mepunga, Caramut

Dennis of Eeyeuk

Dennis of Tarndwarncoort

Dennys of Geelong

Donald of Woodford

Dowling of Jellalabad

Eagle of Barham, Riverina

Fisken of Lal Lal

Foord of Wahgunyah

Forbes of Burrumbeep

Galletly of Geelong

Gaunt of Melbourne

Godfrey of Boort

Gray of Nareeb Nareeb

Grice of Mount Alexander

Grove of Ulinda

Haley of Caledonia

Hamilton Family of Bringalbert

Hearn of Mount Martha

Hedditch of Cape Bridgewater

Heriot of Carabobala, Riverina

Hopkins of Wormbete

Howitt of Barragunda

Hutton of Cheviot Hills

Jackson of Sandford

Jamieson of Castlemaddie, Boldac Plains and Stony Point

Kennedy of Bridgewater

Kiddle of Ironbark Forest and Pollocks Plains

Kiddle of Tittibong

Kininmonth of Mount Hesse

Laidlaw of Lake Roy, S.A., and Ararat, Vic.

Laidlaw of Mundarra and Newlands

Laidlaw of Springbank, Heidelberg

Laidlaw of Wonwondah and Glencairm

Lascelles of Corrong and Geelong

Lecky of Gin Gin Bean

Lewis of Stoneleigh

Lindsay of Quamby and Union

Little (see de Little)

Lyall of Harewood

Lyall of Mount Elephant

Mackinnon of Kaladbro

Mackinnon of Marida Yallock

Mackinnon of North Goonambil, Riverina

MacLeod of Benyeo

MacLeod of Borhoneyghurk

Macpherson of Ashens and Bungeeltap

McArthur of Meningoort

McCormick of Bournefield Park

McCulloch of Woodlands

McDonald of Careys Ranges

McKellar of Knebsworth and Bochara

McMillan of Caldermeade

Maidment of Barton

Manifold Family of Purrumbete

Mercer of Springwood

Millear of Edgarley

Montgomery of The Heart

Morris of Yanga and Paika

Officer Family

Parker of Quiamong, Riverina

Patterson of St Germains

Patterson of Warrock

Philip Family of Miga Lake

Ramsay of Mooleric and Turkeith

Richardson of Pirron Yalloak and Gorrinn

Ricketson of Barratta

Riddell, Carre, or Cairnhill

Robertson of Upper Keilor and Campaspe River

Robertson of Warrock

Ross of Gledfield

Ross and The Gums

Sage of Eurutta

Scott Family of Mount Boninyong and Warracknabeal

Scott of Delvine

Simson of Roseneath

Skene of Skene, Hamilton

Smith Family of Tallageira, Vic., and Hynam, S.A.

Stapylton-Bree (see Bree)

Stevenson of Mitchells Creek

Stewart of Lyne

Strachan Family of Geelong

Taylor of Overnewton

Todd of Konetta

Twomey of Banemore, Kolor and Langulac

Urquhart of Kinkell and Yangery Park

Waddell of I.Y.U., Westernport

Ware Family

Weir of Riverina

Were of Brighton

Wettenhall of Carrs Plains

White of Cahirblonig

White of Cape Bridgewater

Whitehead of Goodwood

Williamson of De Cameron

Wills of Lexington, La Rose and Mokepilly

Winter Cooke (see Cooke)

Young Family of Horsham, Hamilton and Nhill


Henderson's Australian families: a genealogical and biographical record families

Affleck of Pleasant Banks, Victoria
Alsop of Melbourne, Victoria
Anderson of Borriyallock, Victoria
Anderson of Tower Hill, Victoria
Armstrong of Bush Station, Victoria
Armstrong of The Lakes, Victoria
Armytage of Bagdad, Van Diemen's Land and Victoria
Austin of Barwon Park, Victoria
Barker of Barker's Heifer Station, Victoria
Bryant of Van Diemen's Land and Cairn Curran, Victoria
Butchart of Melbourne, Victoria
Calvert of Irrewarra, Victoria
Calvert of Yan-Yan-Gurt, Victoria
Cay of Loddon Plains, Victoria
Chomley of Melbourne, Victoria
Cotton of Doogalook, Victoria
Currie of Larra, Victoria
Docker of Bontharambo, Victoria
Elder of Mindi and Kuruc-a-ruc, Victoria
Flaxman of Melbourne, Victoria
Fleetwood of Warrnambool, Victoria
Flower of Port Fairy, Victoria
Guthrie of Rich Avon, Victoria
Hamilton of Polkemmet, Victoria
Hay of Boomanoomana, New South Wales
Heron of Melbourne, Victoria
Hope of Darriwell, Victoria
Hope of Lynnburn and Barwonleigh, Victoria
Howard of Melbourne
Hunter of Devil's River, Victoria
Hunter Patterson of Moorabee, Victoria (see Patterson)
Lang of Victoria and Riverina
Langdon of Rosecraddock, Melbourne, Victoria
Learmonth of Ettrick, Victoria
Learmonth, of Prestonholme, Victoria
Le Souëf of Melbourne, Victoria
Lockhart Morton of Morton Plains, Victoria (see Morton of Morton Plains, Victoria)
Madden of Melbourne, Victoria
Molesworth of Edlington, Melbourne, Victoria
Morton of Morto's Plains, Victoria
Murray of Barongarook, Victoria
Murray of Wool Wool, Victoria
McCracken Robert of Melbourne, Victoria
McCracken of Thornbank, Melbourne, Victoria
McEachern of Heathfield and Strathdownie, Victoria
McKellar of Strathkeilar, Victoria
McKellar of Knebsworth, Victoria
Macknight of Dunmore, Victoria
McLaurin of Dunmore, Victoria
McLaurin of New South Wales and Victoria
McLaurin of Cornalla, New South Wales
McLaurin of Frogmore, Melbourne, Victoria
McLaurin of Moroco, New South Wales
McLaurin of Yarra Yarra, New South Wales
McPherson of Melbourne, Victoria
McPherson of Springbank and Nerrin Nerrin, Victoria
MacVean of Victoria and New South Wales
MacVean (Rev.) Allan of Melbourne, Victoria
MacVean, John of Poliah, Victoria and Mooloomoon, New South Wales
MacVean, John Hugh, of Wardy Yallock, Victoria and Howlong, New South Wales
MacVean, Hugh of Strathvean, Victoria
MacVean, (Dr.) Peter
Oliver of Broadmeadows, South Australia
Patterson of Moorabee, Victoria
Patterson of Warrock, Victoria
Pearson of Kilmany Park, Victoria
Philip of Miga Lake, Victoria
Raleigh of Mona Vale, Moonee Ponds, Victoria
Read of Cargerie, Victoria
Read of Springhurst, Victoria
Read of Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land
Reid of Woodbourne, Victoria
Ritchie of Aringa and Bodcarra, Victoria
Ritchie of Blythedale, Victoria
Robertson of Colac, Victoria
Robertson of Mount Mitchell, Victoria
Robertson of Warrock, Victoria
Robertson of Wando Vale, Victoria
Ronald of Nap Nap, New South Wales
Ronald of Nebea, New South Wales
Rutledge of Farnham Park, Victoria
Ryan of Kilfera, Victoria
Shannon of Geelong, Victoria
Simson of Roseneath and Dergholm, Victoria
Skene of Krongart, South Australia
Sloane of Savernake, Mulwala and Moorilla, New South Wales
Stewart of Inverary, Victoria
Stribling of Port Fairy and Euroa, Victoria
Swan of Ardgarten and Nangeela, Victoria
Synnot of Van Diemen's Land and Victoria
Templeton of Seven Creeks, Victoria
Tulloh of Portland Victoria
Willan of Melbourne, Victoria
Willis of Koolomurt, Victoria
Youngman of Melbourne, Victoria
Yullle of Ballarat, Victoria

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