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Ancestor (GSV)

  • Ancestor (Issue 31/1 March 2012)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/1 March 2012)
    If at first you don't suceed He died an Australian Hero Tasmania's Convicts Researching Australian WW1 Nurses The meaning of the last Farewell The Boer War 1899 - 1902
  • Ancestor (Issue 31/2 June 2012)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/2 June 2012)
    Much gained researching the local newspaper Searching for Jane A Larrikin History William Lawrence Baillieu Death in the Orchestra Pit Tom and Libby Luke- Preserving Cornish history in Australia Notes to the...
  • Ancestor (Issue 31/3 September 2012)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/3 September 2012)
    From Ballysculty to Belfast Writing about the Irish in Victoria Eleanor Green’s Wedding Dress John Fishenden – A Hapless Hatter Australian Royalty? Wills and Probate Documents
  • Ancestor (Issue 31/4 December 2012)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/4 December 2012)
    Lewis Byrne, Colonial Surveyor Hillendia A Stranger in the Grave Some Entertaining Sessions Family History Quest, Malvern UK Clan Mac Neacail
  • Ancestor (Issue 31/5 March 2013)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/5 March 2013)
    What did Pop do in the war? A Sacrifice: Barnes family story The benefits of local history to family history Workers for Great Britain, 1917 The Story of Hiram Akers The Commonwealth Harness...
  • Ancestor (Issue 31/6 June 2013)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/6 June 2013)
    Jeremiah Brown: Waterloo Veteran? An Adventurous Woman He Fell Off His Horse Early arrivals now forgotten What to do with Things? A Welsh Woman on the Goldfields
  • Ancestor (Issue 31/7 September 2013)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/7 September 2013)
    Where There's a Will, There's a Story A Smartt Individual A Brief Guide to Early English Records Follow the land, understand the place Margery Ruffus: a very independent woman
  • Ancestor (Issue 31/8 December 2013)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/8 December 2013)
    Finding Shakespeare in Family Research Beware the Street Number From Workhouse to Wahring Two Most Remarkable Men
  • Ancestor (Issue 32/1  March 2014)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 32/1 March 2014)
    Migrant Ancestors In Search of the Barone Herrn Hut: Australia’s First Commune The Crochet Bedspread In Pursuit of an Elusive Anna

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