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Ancestor (GSV)

  • Ancestor (Issue 31/6 June 2013)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/6 June 2013)
    Jeremiah Brown: Waterloo Veteran? An Adventurous Woman He Fell Off His Horse Early arrivals now forgotten What to do with Things? A Welsh Woman on the Goldfields
  • Ancestor (Issue 31/7 September 2013)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/7 September 2013)
    Where There's a Will, There's a Story A Smartt Individual A Brief Guide to Early English Records Follow the land, understand the place Margery Ruffus: a very independent woman
  • Ancestor (Issue 31/8 December 2013)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 31/8 December 2013)
    Finding Shakespeare in Family Research Beware the Street Number From Workhouse to Wahring Two Most Remarkable Men
  • Ancestor (Issue 32/1  March 2014)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 32/1 March 2014)
    Migrant Ancestors In Search of the Barone Herrn Hut: Australia’s First Commune The Crochet Bedspread In Pursuit of an Elusive Anna
  • Ancestor (Issue 32/2 June 2014)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 32/2 June 2014)
    Ailda Jensen and the Black Swan Hotel Charlie Webb of the bulletin Hotel The Life and Relationships of William Ridgway Writing Family History or making it up Norkfolk Island, A History in...
  • Ancestor (Issue 32/3 September 2014)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 32/3 September 2014)
    A Cheque for a Million Kisses Goldfields Store to Coffee Palace, Half a Century of Family Enterprise ‘Maiden aunts’ and ‘bachelor uncles’ and others without descendants A Lost Boer War Grave in the...
  • Ancestor (Issue 32/4 December 2014)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 32/4 December 2014)
    Elizabeth and the Doctor Elope Understanding the Use of DNA Tests in Genealogy Does everyone with the surname Vines trace back to the same ancestor? Using DNA to help family history research Changing Names Tracing...
  • Ancestor (Issue 32/5 March 2015)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 32/5 March 2015)
    Ink in the Blood Miners of Perranzabuloe Under the Weeping Willows Aunt Bee 'How to' Series: Researching a World War One Ancestor Gone for a Soldier: William James Little The Heartfelt Thanks of his...
  • Ancestor (Issue 32/6 June 2015)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 32/6 June 2015)
    A Senation at Sea The Photo on the Wall Ellen Crowe - Lady of Mystery Major Gerald Bayley Carter: An Anzac Doctor Spotlight: Shedding light on new facilities Prahran Mechanical Institute John Brown Industrial School...
  • Ancestor (Issue 32/7 September 2015)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 32/7 September 2015)
    Mrs Huntsman’s Hats Family Memories and Family Facts Porter’s Tracks into the Jordan Goldfields A Souvenir from Belgium Christmas 1943 Trove: not just newspapers Genealogical...
  • Ancestor (Issue 32/8 December 2015)
    $9.50 Ancestor (Issue 32/8 December 2015)
    Every Photo Tells a Story Who is Hilda? Where is She? At the Sign of the Three Compasses GSV Awards – Medal of the Society Spotlight: Shedding light on new facilities Memorial Library of Early Land Records Oil:...

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